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We’re a wedding photography company who aim to provide the best photography for your wedding day. We photograph weddings- be it a destination wedding or church wedding. Our photographers are spread across Europe. We connect you to local photographers, who will photograph your wedding. Our packages are designed to photograph small or big weddings. Our approach makes us unique, and it’s our work that will make your images stand out

We photograph weddings in Europe. The countries we photograph in are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France,Germany,Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Slovakia, Slovenia,Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

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Wedding & Pre Wedding Photographer in Ireland, Tuscany and Venice

Are you getting married in Ireland, Tuscany or Venice? If yes, you need a wedding photographer to take precious photographs before your wedding and on your wedding day. It’s best when you can hire a wedding photographer who is a local of your city. The benefits of hiring a local wedding photographer for your important day are immense. Your local wedding photographer knows the wedding locations in your city. Also your local photographer knows the best places to photograph around your wedding location. Be it a destination wedding or a church wedding, how your wedding photography is done makes a big difference to you. That’s why we have different photography packages for you to decide how you would like your wedding photographed.

Do you prefer colour images of your wedding? Or do you prefer black and white images of your wedding? Or would you like a mix of colour images and black and white images of your wedding day? It’s always better to clearly mention your preference before your wedding day. This way your wedding photographer in Ireland, Tuscany or Venice will photograph your wedding be it colour images or black and white images.

By email, you will receive a link to download your wedding images. By clicking on the download link you can download your wedding images. Your wedding images will be JPEG images. You can easily and conveniently share the JPEG images with your family and friends.

There are different photography packages designed for pre-wedding or wedding photography. Your photography packages are reasonably priced. The wedding photography packages offer an option hire your photographer for up to 4 hours or up to 8 hours. This way you will have the flexibility to decide which photography package meets your requirements. So you are free to to hire your photographer as per your preferred photography package at reasonable prices in Ireland, Tuscany or Venice. Pre-wedding photography session can be photographed at a location of your choice. Generally during the pre-wedding photography session you will be photographed with your fiancé. Also if you like, you can include your family or friends for your pre-wedding photography session. During your wedding your photographer will photograph your wedding ceremony in detail. You, your partner, your family and your guests will be included in your wedding images. Your portraits will be photographed throughout your wedding. Portraits of you with your partner, family and guests will also be photographed.

Precious moments of your wedding will be photographed. So you, your family and friends will have images to remember your wedding day. Clearly mention to your photographer, if you prefer colour or black and white images. You have an option to have both colour and black and white images of your wedding. Your preference of colour or black and white images will decide how your wedding images will look. Do contact us by sending us an email to know the details of your wedding photography packages.

Your pre-wedding and wedding photography sessions are precious times to be photographed. So, you will be connected carefully to your local photographers who will make your wedding images look beautiful. What makes us unique is the ability to find a good photographer for you. You will be connected to a good local photographer for your wedding or pre-wedding photography in Ireland, Tuscany or Venice.